Church of All Nations is reaching the unreached and touching the untouched globally under the name, “Earth to Eternity Ministries.”

Earth to Eternity Ministries not only focuses on finding and saving the LOST but also leading and making them as soul winners and effective leaders of tomorrow. With this vision since 1996, Tom and Anna along with Church of  All Nations prayerful support have been traveling to the nations of the world. Their journeys have taken them to five continents of world. They have been to India, Nepal, Mexico, Romania, Kenya, Uganda and several parts of North America with the saving, healing and delivering message of Christ and his love and compassion.

Prayer For World Missions At The Church

Conference In South India

Minister’s Conference In South India

Heading To Mexico On Missions

Missions To Costa Rica

A Convention in North India.

Annual Conference at Nairobi, Kenya

Annual Conference at Nairobi, Kenya

Week of Seminar at West Nile, Uganda

Week of Conference at Kakamega, Kenya

Eighty Eight ( 88th ) Orissa Convention

On missions, Tom and Anna labor along side of several churches, bible schools, seminaries, and independent evangelical mission organizations in the above mentioned countries. Earth to Eternity Ministries has become a vehicle for them to reach out to the needy--physically, financially and spiritually. Under the umbrella of EE Ministries they have become a helping hand to several churches in constructing church buildings, to village ministers in providing bicycles and finances for their village ministry, to village women and orphans in supplying food, clothing and sewing machines. Besides these, EE ministries has touched many lives through teaching, preaching, village meetings, minister's seminars, women's seminars, orphanage ministry, children's ministry, conferences, conventions, and tract distribution.

Since 1996 Tom and Anna have been going twice a year either to the same country or two different countries. Over the years hundreds of people have come to the Lord in five continents of the world, several received physical healing, many dedicated their lives to the Lord, while thousands and thousands of others have been exhorted and uplifted in their spirit with blessed hope as seen above in the Flame Seminar 2000 and 88th Orissa convention 2011 below in which over fifteen thousand people attended.

There have been several notable physical healings in last seven years of ministry. Some of them were: a woman who had been suffering from a snake bite was healed, another woman whose legs were to be amputated three days later was healed on time to save her legs, an unbeliever who had severe hemorrhoid problems for over two years was healed instantly, a little girl with eye sight so poor that it required eye surgery for correction was healed, she wore thick glasses to read yet not good enough to read was touched by the Lord in a special way.

A woman who was demon possessed over four years is now free and worships the Lord in spirit and truth, and a young man who could not carry on his tailor job for last twelve years was healed and went back to work after twelve years. Praise God for these marvelousworks in the lives of the people when they respond to Him!

Mentally healed young man along with his father and sister

Since 1996 seven churches in different parts of India received financial support for their construction. One out of seven, located in Kanpur, India received mil financial support for its construction through Earth to Eternity Ministries and Church of All Nations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This new church building, India Full Gospel Church, was dedicated by pastor Tom on July 9, 2000. This is a dream come true for EE Ministries and Church of All Nations. There are about one hundred believers worship in this new building. The majority of worshipers in this church are Hindu converts who were saved through the work of Earth to Eternity Ministries.

Besides all of the other ministries mentioned above, teaching and discipling people has been important to Tom and Anna and having this vision they taught in several places, especially, in Bible schools like, Kashmir Bible Training Center, and Church on the Rock Theological Seminary.

Himachel Bible students with pastor Bahl

The year 2000 was a blessed year for the EE Ministries. Not only was it the fifth year of this ministry, but also a year in which this ministry touched many lives of people through salvation, healing, deliverance, and providing Bibles, food, clothing, finances, bicycles, motor-bikes, and support to buy two vans. The pictures below show the village ministers who had the privilege of receiving bicycles while two others received motor-bikes

Mission to India and Nepal on October and November of 2000

Handing out clothing to a woman in Hyderabad, India.

These ladies also were able to bless sixty orphans and other villagers with food and clothing. Praise God for the open door to minister and his marvelous work that He alone could do. Thank you for your valuable prayers, encouragement and financial support in assisting many people who were in desperate need and establishing the kingdom of God.

The Hungry are Fed


God not only called Pastor Tom to minister to Church of All Nations, but also was given a strong urge within his spirit for missions. However, he didn't have any insight on how to go on missions until the twelfth year of his pastorate. All of a sudden, God began to move in the life of Tom with new ideas, insights, and thoughts after He had revealed to him a name for the missions to reach out the nations of the world. Earth to Eternity Ministries is not a name that Tom or Anna came up with after spinning their heads or pulling their hair, but the one that God revealed to Tom in a special way. One day as Tom was driving home. God confirmed in his heart, as if it were lightening in his heart, that he should begin missions now and it shall be called Earth to Eternity Ministries.

Missions in Mountains of Mexico

Missions had a place in the heart of Tom since 1973 when he began his bible school studies at Eastern Pentecostal Bible Collage in Ontario, Canada. However, nothing led him to start missions or go on missions until 1996, twenty-three years later. In 1973 Tom's first year of Bible College he prayed, "Lord don't make me a pastor, but only a missionary or an evangelist". This prayer was unanswered for twenty-three long years, yet it was not forgotten for it was recorded in God's book of memory. Tom made a simple prayer twenty-three years ago and it is now being materialized. Although Tom prayed not to be a pastor, the Lord would only allow and approve him to go on missions after he become a pastor and served twelve years. The all knowing God, the One filled with wisdom and understanding precisely planned such a time as this for Tom to begin missions and be effective in touching lives globally. Tom still pastors Church of All Nations, marking thirty years ofministry in his pastorate.