About Us

Church of All Nations is a church that consists of an international body of believers, worshiping God in spirit and truth as they are making heaven on earth by their unity, love, and care for one another. The primary goal of the church is to promote Christ’s character, nature, attitude and action within and out of its walls. The vision of the church is to expand the Kingdom of God locally and globally by reaching the unreached and touching the untouched.

Church of All Nations has touched many lives in Africa (Kenya and Uganda), Asia (North and South India), Mexico (Five States of Mexico), Central America (Costa Rica and Nicaragua), Middle East (Abu-Dhabi), Europe (Romania) and North America (USA and Canada). Currently, the church supports work in Kenya, Africa, North and South India and Limon, Costa Rica.

Church of All Nations strongly believes in the five fold ministry of the church, as well as manifesting the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit for the growth and benefit of the body of Christ. This is a church open to give everyone an opportunity to experience heaven on earth. Thus, we invite you to join us to watch your own horizon being expanded, as together we expand the Kingdom of God for His glory and honor.